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digi farmer

Farming for the future

Small-scale farmers are referred to as a shadow economy nobody talks about but many depend on. The world has entered 4IR, Agriculture is no exception. Agri-tech is the future of farming, Digi-Farmer is at the forefront of on-boarding Smart farming technologies and providing skills development to small. Along with our strategic partner, have over 4000 farmers on our database where we offer self-funded support and testing of Agri-tech Apps tailor-made for Agriculture.

DIGI-FARMER is our innovative platform for small scale farmers where we offer business literacy to close the gap of these emerging farmers struggling to get funding due to non-compliance and remain in the shadows of the economy. 

What is our Purpose?

To empower small-holder farmers through skills and technology to participate in the digital economy. Being a thought leader in Agri-tech to small-holder farmers elevating them to be commercial farmers.

Why do we care?

To eradicate poverty and unemployment through skills development as an enabler to sustainable farming.

What do we offer?

Agri-tech APP testing

Farmer’s business skills development

Farm management education

Financial training and bookkeeping

Soil testing and results explanation

Assistance with Business plan

Assistance with access to funding

Livestock education

Access to equipment

Access to land

Access to technology (Digi-farming)