Gole Innovation

our solutions

Network / LAN / cabling

  • Deployment and implementation of seamless and converged connectivity that includes secure network environment.
  • Allocation of IP addresses
  • LAN services: installs, moves, additions and changes (IMAC)

Mobile & Convergence solution

Through our strategic partners we offer the latest mobile solutions at competitive rates tailored to suit your needs. In a strategic consultation we will advise on the outcomes of a need’s analysis with simplicity. We offer telecommunications, mobility, IoT, converged solutions. Cloud & hosting / security.

Application development and testing

Software testing plays a huge part in ensuring that the software solutions utilized go through quality assurance. We work closely with the customer in traditional, agile and DevOps environments. We do test automation, performance testing, mobile testing and security testing. We will work the journey with you with a comprehensive project management support, change management and knowledge dissemination.

Fibre optics & infrastructure

  • Physical deployment of Fibre Optic cables
  •  Blown Fibre Solutions
    • Duct hauling and Direct buried
    • Fibre cable floating connections & termination
    • ini Cable Solution
  • Mini Cable Solution
  • Conventional Cable solutions
  • Install and build manholes

ICT consulting
& Project management

  • ICT Consulting: We provide thought leadership to CIOs and IT managers in technological and telecommunications solutions based on the findings of our clients’ needs analysis. A network analysis and security penetration test enable us to access the technology upgrades you require and the security vulnerabilities your organization is exposed to and how we can close that Gap with our trusted partners. We provide project management making sure a seamless migration process is followed, so often users resist change because they feel left out of the process. Our change management solutions make sure all your internal customers travel a painless journey and embrace new technologies that makes your operations more efficient.
  • Project management lifecycle: 1. Project administration 2. Project facilitation 3. Contract administration 4. Development of project governance 5. Development of implementation roadmaps (project plan) 6. Stakeholder relations and management 7. Project document tracking

Skills development & sourcing

The gap between rich and poor continuous to widen with the rising levels of unemployment, there is vast lack of adequate skills needed to occupy the many skill demanding roles to build a sustainable economy in South Africa. Gole Innovation offers skills development and skills sourcing in many disciplines including End-user computing, networking, infrastructure and hardware, IT project managers, telecommunications account managers, IT Solutions architects. We will conduct Gate 1 interviews and screening including reference checks.